Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Read to Your Baby

You may wonder about the benefits of reading to your baby. Clearly, an infant can't understand what you are doing or why, but you wouldn't wait until your child could understand what you are saying before you start speaking to them, right? You wouldn't pass up on singing lullabies until your baby could carry a tine, or wait until they could shake a rattle before you offer them a toy... so read away! Have fun doing it, and they will learn to love reading with you as much as you love doing it with them.

In addition to the books you own, take advantage of the books in the library in the Board Book collection. The following is a list of books in our collection. Click on any of them to be linked to the library's catalog. You can put them on hold today!

Bath Time!
Boynton, Sandra

Carle, Eric

Linenthal, Peter

Welcome Song for Baby
Van Camp, Richard

Busy Baby(Snuggletime)
Watt, Fiona

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