Friday, October 26, 2012

Celebrate Family Reading Night

What is your family doing on Thursday, November 15th?  You have plans... and they involve the library.

Family Reading Night is a state-wide event  sponsored by Jesse White, Secretary of State and State Librarian.  It encourages families to spend quality time reading together.
To aid in this effort, the library is providing 50 families with a library bag filled with hot chocolate for four and popcorn to share while you enjoy your family time.  Inside of the bag will also be five books for you to check out and share with your family.
Stop in from November 1st - 14th to pick up your family's bag and then share the treats and books with your family on the night of the 15th.  Post here to tell us about your night and if you enjoyed participating and remember to return the books when you are done.
*bags will be given out while supplies last, limit one bag per family*

Friday, October 19, 2012

Is Bigger Really Better?

Occasionally at the library, we encounter young patrons looking for "thin" books because they perceive themselves to be slow or not very good readers.  This perception is usually due to comparisons they make themselves with classmates or comments from classmates, teachers and parents.  The stereotype of a slow reader or a below average reader is one that breaks my heart because these young patrons begin to dislike reading and view books as a mountain that can't be scaled, eventually giving up reading for pleasure all together.

In reality, it is not the quantity of books or pages read that is important but the quality of the books and the vocabulary and information on the pages.  I always lead these readers to the non-fiction section because between the covers of the thin books often found in the non-fiction section is a goldmine of vocabulary and information.  Frequently, the books these "slow" or "below average" readers choose are on par with or above their grade level; the majority of the time it is the latter. Encourage your reluctant reader to choose a few non-fiction books at the library the next time that you visit.  Slowly increase the amount of non-fiction books you borrow with each visit and you will soon find that your reluctant reader is not so reluctant any more.  For some readers, bigger isn't really better, especially if they do not have the confidence to read bigger books.  By breaking the volume read into smaller chunks ("thin" books) you will help your reader gain confidence and become a better reader.

Check out a few of my favorite "thin" books at the library:

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Stress of Being a Child

 You might not realize it, but kids have stress just like parents.  As they learn to navigate stress, you can help them in different ways.
By teaching them meditation, exercise, and listening to music can help them through life's ups and downs, you are giving them the tools to becoming a more well-adjusted adult.
The article, Managing Your Child's Stress, outlines different ways to help your children cope with stress and the emotions that accompany that stress.
You can also get great ideas from our Parenting Collection, where you can find books about how to deal with everything from nail biting to bed wetting.  Don't forget to ask for help finding materials if you can't find what you are looking for.

Friday, October 5, 2012

4th Annual Family Science Expo

Looking for something fun, free, family-oriented, and a little nerdy to do next Saturday? Well, we have just the thing for you! The Des Plaines Public Library’s 4th annual Family Science Expo is Saturday, October 13. The event is open house, so come any time between noon and 4 p.m. to see exhibits, demonstrations, science experiments in action and to try your own hand as construction challenges and generating electricity. The event is geared toward children in grades 2-8, but will be fun for the entire family.

Over a dozen science and engineering organizations will be on hand to talk to your family about what they do and how they do it. Our exhibitors this year include chemical, civil, safety and structural engineers as well as the Civil Air Patrol, the Optical Society of Chicago, Destination ImagiNation and the Des Plaines Science Prodigies. In addition, check out the interactive display about how science and technology has changed the banking industry from our sponsor, Village Bank & Trust.

If you have an old or unwanted bike, October 13 will be your chance to donate it to a wonderful organization, Working Bikes. Working Bikes is a non-profit organization that gathers bicycles and sends them to developing countries to be used as tools of empowerment.

Last year over 500 kids and their families visited Science Expo and by all accounts had a fun and educational time. Don't miss your chance to experience Science Expo this year!