Friday, July 17, 2009

"Are We There Yet?"

For many parents a common question that occurs on many a family road trip is...“Are We There Yet?” I often asked it of my parents as I was growing up while traveling to some of our destinations.

What to bring, where to eat, and how to keep children interested and happy are some of the challenges that are faced while preparing for a trip. Fortunately, these days there are many good resources available to help parents out as they plan for their family vacations.

The library has terrific stories for you to bring along to read or listen to that you can enjoy while on the road.

Booklists developed by our Youth Services Department will provide a variety of suggested titles for you to consider checking out for your trip. We also have an extensive selection of audiobooks to choose from to help make that car trip to grandma's house feel just a little bit shorter.

You might want to bring some word search puzzles along. At Puzzlemaker, you can design your own word searches online to print out and bring with on your vacation.

For further ideas on how to keep children interested while on the road, take look at Traveling with Kids or Mom's Minivan.

Have a safe and happy road trip!

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