Friday, July 10, 2009

Near and Far - Korea

Traveling to exotic locations is great fun, but can be challenging to fit into the family schedule, not to mention the family budget. Fortunately, it is possible to take a family trip to Korea in a single afternoon. I traveled to Korea recently by visiting the Assi Plasa, 8901 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Niles. This fascinating shopping center includes a grocery store, bakery, hair salon, food court and other shops that sell authentic Korean products.

Another opportunity to "visit" Korea will be on Saturday and Sunday, July 18-19, when the Northern Illinois Korean American Business Association (NIKABA) will host a major festival at Golf Mill Park. This event will feature food, family activities, and entertainment. A group of dancers originally from South Korea is scheduled to perform along with traditional Korean folk musicians and drummers. There will also be American rock, jazz, and blues acts featuring Korean-American talent. It should be fun to attend this free event.

Of course the library has some great materials that can help you learn more about Korea and its culture. Let us know how you enjoyed your "trip"

Teach Me Korean (CD) by Judy Mahoney

Ppo ppo ppo yuch'iw*on. volume 2 (CD) by Y*ong-*un, Wang

Korean Children's Favorite Stories by So-un Kim

Tigers, Frogs, and Rice Cakes: a book of Korean proverbs

The Legend of Hong Kil Dong, the Robin Hood of Korea by Anne Sibley O'Brien

A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park

Cooking the Korean Way by Okwha Chung


Korea by Patricia K. Kummer

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