Friday, May 29, 2009

Did You Know?

While I've worked in our library for several years, I'm new to the Youth Services department. I've been exploring around, checking out what cool things we have. On my first day I learned something new about the 2nd floor. Do you know that the Youth Services floor has a river theme? From the blue squares in the carpet that lead you around, to the jumping fish on the ends of the picture book shelves, even the colorful fabric waves of blue fabric that hang above. And of course there's the wonderful fish tank! Recently, the tank was changed over to become a salt water tank. There are some pretty neat fish in there, and children of all ages love watching them. My favorites include the Blue Tang fish (more commonly recognized as Dory from Finding Nemo) and the Chocolate Chip Starfish.

The next time you're at the library why don't you pick up some water themed books? Try Gus is a Fish by Claire Babin. It's a picture book about a boy pretending to be a fish in his bathtub. Or maybe something silly like Does a Sea Cow Say Moo by Terry Webb Harshman. Another picture book, this one has some wacky fish facts in it. Flush by Carl Hiaasen is great for older readers. Noah and his sister Abbey come up with a plan to expose a casino dumping waste in protected waters off Florida. It's funny but also has a great conservation message.

Curl up with your kids by the Poet Tree, pretend you're sitting at the edge of the river bank and dive into some great stories. When it's time to go home grab Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Oceans by Kathy Ross. There are neat crafts to make, including a Clownfish Magnet. Kids can make one to look like the Clownfish they saw in our fish tank!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Phonics Anyone?

In the Early Reader section of books on the 2nd floor, we have newly created a Phonics area. As your child begins to read, take a look at our phonics books located on the first shelves of the Early Reader area. These books will teach your child how to connect the sounds of spoken English with letters or groups of letters (e.g., that the sound /k/ can be represented by c, k, ck or ch spellings). These books help children with sounding out words, especially ones with which they are not already familiar.

Some of the phonics sets we currently have are:

Alphabet Friends
Bob Books
Dora the Explorer Phonics Books
My Sound Box
Phonics Friends
Rhymes With
Sandcastle Readers
Wonder Books
Word Bird

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Parenting Books

Look for these books in our Parenting Collection.

Examines the issues and solutions for cyber-bullying in school, in the classroom and the home.
J Parent Collection 371.58 SHA

Reading Reflex
The foolproof Phono-Graphix method for teaching your child to read.
J Parent Collection 372.41 MCG

Mommy Rescue Guide
Lifesaving techniques and advice for surviving life with multiples!
J Parent Collection 618.25 FIE

The Positive Parent
Dr. Alvy tells parents how to help their children reach their full potential through the power of positive parenting.
J Parent Collection 649.1 ALV

What Every 21st-Century Parent Needs to Know
Introduction to new solutions for parents facing today's challenges.
J Parent Collection 649.1 HAF

The Happiest Toddler on the Block
Learn how to eliminate tantrums and raise a patient, respectful and cooperative one- to four-year-old.
J Parent Collection 649.122 KAR

Love You to Pieces
Essays, poems, and short stories on parenting children with special needs.
J Parent Collection 649.151 LOV

Stress-free Potty Training
A common sense guide to finding the right approach for your child.
J Parent Collection 649.62 AU

Successful Potty Training
Teach your child successful potty training.
J Parent Collection 649.62 BUT

Mommy I Have to Go Potty!
Parent educator and columnist Jan Faull helps parents determine when it's time to start potty
training and walks adults through the process.
J Parent Collection 649.62 FAU

The No-Cry Potty Training Solution
A potty-training plan that is foolproof and easy to implement.
J Parent Collection 649.62 PAN

Everything Potty Training Book
Reassuring advice to help you and your child through this challenging time.
J Parent Collection 649.62 SON

Positive Discipline A-Z
Learn how to use kind and firm methods to raise a child, who is responsible, respectful, and resourceful.
J Parent Collection 649.64 NEL

From Diapers to Dating: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children
The basics for raising a sexually healthy family.
J Parent Collection 649.65 HAF

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May Activity: Spring is Here- Get Out and Dig!

Planting a garden as a family is a wonderful outdoor spring activity that will continue to bring your whole family together throughout summer. Everyone can help- from the tiny toddler, teenager and of course grandma.

Looking for a rewarding learning experience? Gardening uncovers the mystery of where food comes from and teaches that plants need food and water to grow healthy. Young children will develop responsibility and a sense of accomplishment as they see what they helped grow.

Don't know where to start? Have fun with a themed garden, such as a pizza garden with peppers, tomatoes, oregano and more to create a homemade pizza or make a sunflower tepee for a special outdoor fort for your child to discover nature. And don't forget to give your garden some personality by creating decorations such as painted rocks or home made chimes.

For fun ideas, inspiration and guidance, check out these titles:

Grow It Cook It: Simple Gardening Projects and Delicious Recipes J635 GRO
This books takes you step-by-step with detailed photos of planting your own food from seeds to enjoying home-grown delicious meals!

How Does Your Garden Grow?: Great Gardening for Green-fingered Kids by Clare Matthews J635 MAT
Over 40 step-by-step projects including a mosaic bird bath, weather monitoring station, butterfly pot garden, a grow-your-own-pasta sauce garden and building a tropical island sand pit.

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Research on Baby Einstein DVDs

New studies have been done on the effectiveness of Baby Einstein DVDs and the effect of watching TV on babies' brains. The CNN article in the link below provides some information on the outcomes of these studies and how parents and researchers are reacting. When so much of a child's development is happening before they turn two, how is the TV affecting their brains? Understanding TV's effects on the developing brain, explains that while a child's brain is developing so rapidly during the time before they turn two, critical time is being wasted watching TV when it should be used reading with a parent and playing to develop cognitive skills.

Read the articles below, and please let me know what you think!

Study: Want a smart baby? TV's not going to help
Understanding TV's effects on the developing brain

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kidding Around is Good for You

Welcome to the first ever Youth Services blog. In this blog we'll try to update you on news about child development, discuss issues regarding children and literacy, let you know about great new materials for children and parents and highlight exciting upcoming events. We want your thoughts and ideas so please feel free to comment or ask questions. Be on the lookout, new posts will be appearing twice a week. We look forward to hearing from you!