Saturday, May 18, 2013

Extreme Makeover for Our Library Loving Fish!

Spring is here and with spring comes thoughts of spring cleaning and decorating. Our fish are no exception! You'll be noticing some changes to our fish tank starting this week. Perhaps they got some ideas from Pinterest (maybe they took the class at the library?) or talked to some of their fish friends, but their digs are getting an upgrade!

Please excuse our "hard hat area" and rest assured that the fish are in good hands and will be happily overlooking the remodel. We are expecting to unveil their new habitat, including the plan to "go natural" by having living coral put into the aquarium on Friday, May 24th.

If you haven't been here lately, now's a great time to stop by with the kids and show them the new design. The picture to the left shows the fish you can see in our tank.

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