Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Change is A-Comin'

Today, one of our lovely staff is getting married.  You may have noticed her excitement building as her wedding came closer when you saw her at storytime! Sometimes we walk down the aisle toward change willingly (like her), but sometimes we drag our heels into change hoping it doesn't disrupt the status quo too much.  Children can approach change in the same ways adults do, and there are things you can do to help them through it.  Whether it is a marriage, a divorce, a new sibling, or the loss of a family member or pet, there are lots of books to help your child cope with the changes going on around them.

Here are some great books (some for even the youngest listener or reader):

Brand New Baby Blues by Kathi Appelt
The arrival of a new little brother has his big sister singing the blues.

Harry and Hopper by Margaret Wild
One day when Harry comes home from school, his faithful companion Hopper isn't there to greet him, in a touching story about the process of healing after losing a beloved pet.

Nana's Getting Married by Heather Hartt-Sussman
A young boy disapproves of his grandmother dating her boyfriend, Bob, because she spends more time with Bob than with him, and he tries to find ways to separate them before their wedding.

Standing on My Own Two Feet by Tamara Schmitz
Addison's parents are divorced and he lives in one house with his mom and another with his dad, but one thing he knows above all is that both his parents love him and they always will.

That Summer by Sarah Dessen
During the summer of her divorced father's remarriage and her sister's wedding, fifteen-year-old Haven comes into her own by letting go of the myths of the past.

Umbrella Summer by Lisa Graff
After her brother Jared dies, ten-year-old Annie worries about the hidden dangers of everything, from bug bites to bicycle riding, until she is befriended by a new neighbor who is grieving her own loss.

Remember that even if change is happening to a friend, your child might be able to better understand what they are going through by reading a book.  We also have lots of titles in the Parenting Collection to help you in your efforts to assist your children.  Stop in and ask about them today!

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  1. My two favorites in the genre of new baby in the house are:
    Barfburger Baby, I Was Here First by Paula Danziger and Tadpoles by Betsy James.


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