Friday, January 6, 2012

New Parenting Books

How to Choose the Best Preschool for Your Child
Presents a guide to finding, getting into,
and preparing for Preschool.
J Parent Collection 372.21 WAN

You, Raising Your Child
A map to safely navigate the
waters of your baby's life from day one and
will give you all the tools you need to steer
the best possible course.
J Parent Collection 618.92 ROI

Nanny 911

Regain control of your children with simple,
direct, nanny-tested measures!
J Parent Collection 649.1 CAR

Sensory Parenting

From newborns to toddlers learn ways
to make everything easier when
your child's senses are happy.
J Parent Collection649.1 COL

Active Parenting of Teens
Provides the guidance and support you
need to turn the challenges of raising
a teenager in opportunities for growth.
J Parent Collection 649.125 POP

The Way of Boys
Ideal for parents eager to
understand what is going on in the
minds and bodies of their young sons.
J Parent Collection 649.132 RAO

How to Photograph your Baby

Learn to create stunning photographs of the
babies you love with a minimum of

effort and fancy equipment.
J Parent Collection 778.925 KEL

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