Friday, January 20, 2012

Family Meeting

Regular gatherings to talk about the family can also can be a helpful way to strengthen the family unit and keep communication open. As with family activities, scheduling regular family meetings once a week or once a month can help your family avoid missing the important details. Meal times or times after a meal may be a good time for your family to meet.

During these meeting, ask open-ended questions so your child will respond with more than "yes or no." (For example: "What did you learn at school today?")
Some topics for discussion are:
*Good news acknowledging your child's school, athletic, or artistic performance
*News bringing changes to the family : job changes, new baby, special circumstances
*Family planning: vacations, family activities, school drop-off and pick-up
*Events of the past week: appointments, events at school
*Concerns or frustrations: child's struggle at school or with friends, family chores

Check out our Parent Collection for other topics that might be of interest too you.
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