Friday, July 15, 2011

Check It Out: We are...The Laurie Berkner Band

Dreading long drives with the family this summer? Looking for something to play on your car's DVD player that will keep the kids entertained AND not drive you crazy while you drive? Check out We are....The Laurie Berkner Band!

This DVD features 11 music videos for some of The Laurie Berkner Band's most popular songs. Each song is introduced by kids saying the title of the song. Then the music video starts. Some of the songs are performed on a simpler background of colored lights on the walls. Others have a more elaborate setup, for example "Under a Shady Tree" looks like the band is at the beach.

Kids are involved in most of the songs. They pretend to act like bees in "Bumblebee" or marching, eating, and sleeping during "We Are the Dinosaurs." In "O Susannah" a trio of girls sings along in the microphone and plays instruments. The kids are energetic and look like they're having lots of fun. The band looks like they're having a great time too and it comes through in their energetic performance and music.

You can play the DVD from start to finish, or just select which songs to play. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like you can skip ahead during the play all feature to get to the next song. These catchy songs made me want to get up and dance (as well as roar like a dinosaur). The entire DVD lasts 31 minutes, which went by very quick. Kids will be asking to watch it again, and the music is so poppy you'll want to listen to it again too.

There are a couple of bonus features on the DVD: behind the scenes, and two extra songs. The DVD also comes with a bonus CD so you can always play that in the car (or just dance around to it at home).

Next time you're in the library make sure you stop at the desk and see if We are...The Laurie Berkner Band is in!

We are...The Laurie Berkner Band

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  1. We have several Laurie Berkner CDs and my kids love them -- I had no idea there was a DVD -- thanks for the info!


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