Friday, July 8, 2011

Are your children getting excited?!?

With the release of the newest and final Harry Potter movie, and its British premiere yesterday, your children are probably getting excited.  You may have sat with your children as your family read the first Harry Potter books aloud, or listened to them on a long car trip to a family vacation, or you may just know them through the movies.  Whatever the way you became familiar with Mr. Potter, there is no denying it... there is something about that kid.

If your family is getting as excited about movie 7.2, bring them in to the library on Tuesday, July 12th.  From 5:30 to 8:30 in the evening, we are having our Harry Potter Party where they can decorate their own wand, finger knit a house scarf, play in our Quidditch cup relay races, and enter the raffle to win one of our awesome wand making books.  During the party, the program Hidden Harry Potter will be going on in Friends rooms B and C on the first floor for adults and families with children 10 and up.  Movie expert Steven Frenzel will take you through the movies of Harry Potter to show you the hidden meaning behind the sets, lines, and what you can't see 'behind the scenes'.

While you are in, check out one of the books or Tony Award winning Audiobooks and share them with your family.  Start your own Harry Potter family tradition if it hasn't already been started.

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