Tuesday, June 7, 2011

College is a Waste of Time?!?

I'm sure you have never heard those words before - I know I hadn't, and I was disheartened to read the headline as I have barely put a dent into the student loans I took out to finance that 'waste of time'.  As a parent, I am sure you might be surprised to hear that some people think that College is a waste of time... even some students who are still in school are expressing that opinion.

An article on CNN outlines the grievances here, but what I found most surprising - is that students are demanding more of a collaborative environment.  They want to make failures into learning experiences and work together with others instead of strictly competing with them. They say they aren't getting the experiences they need to be able to work and learn with others in real-world environments. 

With college tuition on the rise, it is very concerning to hear students complain that it is a waste of their time... and a waste of their parents (your)  money.  What do you think? Will this type of attitude trickle down into high schools and middle schools?

With all of the pressure on teachers today to get kids to perform on national and state-wide examinations, it is hard to make sure kids get the well-rounded education they need.  Perhaps, along with piano lessons, soccer leagues, and art classes, you can supplement your child's education with experiences that encourage learning from mistakes and failures outside of school. 

Is this just a passing fad or a few very vocal and concerned students?  Thoughts?

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