Friday, June 10, 2011

College is a Waste of Time pt. 2

So, with all of my questions surrounding the last post about College students thinking that their time (and your money) is being wasted, I thought perhaps we might get a few responses... but surprisingly, my questions about whether or not all College students think their time is being wasted were answered in the form of another article on CNN.  The article, A College Education is Your Best Bet, can be read here

What are your thoughts?  Are they both right?  Can college be worth your money and their time, but still not be giving kids all that they need in order to fit into real world situations?  The article describes how one man gave kids $100,000 to drop out of college and pursue their entrepreneurial ideas (one of those kids is the author of the article in our previous blog post).  He wanted to see if a college education would really make a difference, or if these students would be able to make it simply based on their abilities and merit without a college education - if college was stifling their abilities.

While Stephens seems to think that he was correct, there is direct evidence to the contrary.  Read the article and share what you think.  College is definitely not for everyone, and everyone has their own strengths.  Are the kids who feel college is wasting their time actually wasting their time?

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