Friday, November 19, 2010

Storytime Sharing: You Can Raise a Reader

We love sharing age appropriate books, songs and rhymes from our storytimes. We strive to teach the six early literacy skills at storytimes and offer suggestions for how you can reinforce these skills at home.

This week in Toddler Storytime we learned about being thankful, thanksgiving and turkeys, and how squirrels are getting ready for winter.

We read the book,
The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri which emphasized the pre-reading skill of Narrative Skills. Narrative Skills is the ability to tell stories, describe things and events. You can reinforce these skills at home by telling stories together, encourage pretend play and let your child be a storyteller. We also read the story, Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes and expressed our thanks for the small and big things of our lives, most importantly, our families. Here are some songs we danced along to:
  • Turkey in the Straw from Turkey in the Straw: Bluegrass Songs for Children by Phil Rosenthal. We used clappers to the music!
  • The Turkey Hop from H.U.M. All Year Long :Highly Usable Music Kids can Sing, Dance & Do! by Carole Peterson. Just follow along.
  • Mahalo from Under a Shady Tree by Laurie Berkner. You can move side to side or use a scarf to the music.
These rhymes are sure to please the family gathered at your home this Thanksgiving:

The Soup is Boiling Up
The soup is boiling up,
the soup is boiling up,
Stir Slow, around we go,
The soup is boiling up.

First we put in the carrots,
Then we put in the onions,
Stir slow, around we go,
The soup is boiling up.

(continue to other vegetables!)

My Turkey
I have a turkey bog and fat,
He struts around this way and that,
His daily corn he would not miss,
And when he talks,
he sounds like this- gobble, gobble!

You can show your child how to make a special turkey:
  • Have them place their hand on a piece of paper, fingers spread out.
  • Then trace around the fingers and connect the bottom of the palm
  • Have children add eyes and mouth where their thumb outline is and then color in their finger outlines as feathers.
Additional information for planning Thanksgiving day:

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