Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day of Thanks

This Thanksgiving, you may be wondering what you can do to help teach your children to give back to the community.  Most high school service groups hold food drives, collecting food for the needy during the holiday season, but you may be looking for something more to do.  My family goes every year to the Salvation Army and wraps pairs of socks to be given as presents during the holiday season.  Your family can find their activity too!  

Our website has a page of charities and organizations that may need your help, and you can find it here.  If what you are looking for is not on that list, you can look for information at www.volunteerinfo.net, which will list out northwest suburban volunteer opportunities.

Don't forget to teach your children about volunteering and how it is an important part of being a community.  If you need help, stop in to check out some books.  We have plenty of materials to go around and lots of books about volunteering for kids from Preschool to Middle School.

Happy Volunteering!

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