Friday, October 22, 2010

Trick or Treat Safety for Your Family

Halloween is almost here! Most children will no doubt mention they're favorite part of Halloween is the CANDY from trick-or-treating!

If you are cringing at all of the tummy aches and tooth decay that might ensue, try some other options, such as: pretzels bags, cheese and cracker packages, granola bars, fruit snacks and raisins. Non food items include: stickers, pencils, erasers, temporary tattoos, spider and pumpkin rings, crayons, etc.

Curious what kids think about all that candy and how other families decide on eating it? Look at KidsHealth.org's Kid's Talk About Halloween Candy! According to 1,200 surveyed children, most children receive at least 50 pieces of candy, with over 44% saying they received more than 100 pieces. About half of the children surveyed were interested in non-candy treats instead!

Here are some Halloween Safety Tips:
Your Home:
-Make sure your porch and front steps are well lit
-Give out individually wrapped store bought treats
-Check your town's official trick-or-treating hours, here is the link for the City of Des Plaines press release on Halloween Safety

Your Costumes:
-Avoid dark clothing for costumes and use flashing pins, reflective tape, etc.
-Use flashlights and glow sticks
-Avoid masks, use face paint instead
-check the length of costumes so children don't trip and fall

Your Rules:
-Adult supervision for the young ones, teens should have a set time to come back home and check in
-Stay on sidewalks and cross the street at crosswalks and corners and not in between parked cars.
-Inspect all candy

More Halloween Safety can be found at:

Wishing your family a Fun and Safe Halloween!

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