Friday, October 29, 2010

Illinois State Book Awards

If you have been in the library lately, you are sure to have seen the displays of Caudill, Bluestem, and Monarch books.  These books on display have been nominated for an Illinois Book Award by students, parents, teachers, and librarians throughout the state.  Then, children throughout Illinois read at least three of the books for their designated award and vote for their favorite in the spring.  If your child reads a book that they really enjoy, they can nominate it for one of the awards (Monarch is for K-3, Bluestem for 3-5, and Caudill for 4-8).  

To nominate a book, look no further than the appropriate book award's website.  See the links below to help your child nominate their favorite books on-line.

While your child waits to have their book show up on the list, if he or she is looking for a great book to read, look no further than this year's nominees.  These books were nominated by their classmates and the best of the nominations were put onto the final list of 20-25 books. Take your pick... they are all great!

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