Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Members of my family like to say that I was destined to be a librarian. They'll tell you, if you ask how they knew that (and even if you don't ask), that when I was a little girl I used to cut envelopes in half and tape them as pockets into the backs of my books. Then I would make a date due slip out of an index card, slip it into the pocket, and check my books out to my family. They get a big kick out of telling this funny little story even to this very day, especially since they know I've told it myself over the years, almost every time I've gone on a job interview, and in special cases like this. I think it says a few things about me: 1 - that I love and want to share my books, 2 - that I loved (and still love) libraries, and 3 - that I love a funny little story. Here are a few of my favorite funny little stories:

Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems. Hilarity ensues when little girl Trixie, accompanying her daddy on a trip to the laundromat, leaves her beloved stuffed rabbit behind with the clothes once they head for home. Daddy can't figure out why toddler Trixie is beside herself, but as soon as they reach the house mommy asks the fateful question, "Where's Knuffle Bunny?"

Book! Book! Book! by Deborah Bruss. The animals down on the farm are bored, and decide to go to the library. Each animal in its turn goes to ask the librarian to ask for a book to read, but there is a serious communication breakdown. The friendly librarian would like to help, but she does not speak cow, or pig, or any other animal language...except when at last the hen tries to make their desire known. Relief comes in the form of a great book to read, but alas, the poor frog has already "read-it."

Beverly Billingsly Borrows a Book by Alexander Stadler. Beverly is so very excited to get her own library card! She's been going to the library every week for a long time, but now she gets to check out on her own. When her first foray into library book responsibility goes awry and the book goes overdue, Beverly's nightmares are filled with extreme fines, jail time, and carnivorous dinosaur librarians threatening to eat her up. Luckily, Beverly is a patron at a very customer-friendly library, and all is forgiven.

Author's Day by Daniel Pinkwater. I don't think you have this one at your fingertips here at Des Plaines Public Library, but it's definitely good for a chuckle. A children's book author (who, by the way, looks suspiciously like the actual author of the book) makes an elementary school visit to promote his beloved children's book. He endures sticky children, fainting staffmembers, surly middle schoolers, and mistaken identities in this ridiculous romp that makes me laugh out loud every single time I read it.

I'm so pleased to be working as the new Head of Youth Services at the Des Plaines Public Library. I'm also happy to talk about the books that I love and hear about the books that you love...any time.

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  1. Great first post, Stephanie. Welcome to the world of blogging and, more importantly, welcome to DPPL! We are glad to have you here.


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