Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goodbye Summer, Hellooooo Phonics!

Is your child starting to read? With the beginning of the school year underway, I wanted to bring your attention to our great phonics collection in the Early Reader section of the 2nd floor.

We have a great collection of different phonics book sets to teach your child the different sounds that letters can make. In addition to these, we have groupings of books called BOB books, which are designed to help your child read, and read a whole book at that! Each group of 10 books introduces harder and harder sounds so that your child can easily progress through them.

This month, we added a new group of BOB books to our collection. While the rest of the BOB book groups focus on phonics and learning phonic skills, these two new groups focus on building vocabulary through sight words and we have sets for both Kindergarten and First grade! Each book in a group introduces three new sight words, and after reading through the books your child can easily point out words such as can, down, fly, had, jump, and look.

For the rest of us who aren't teachers ourselves, the terminology used to explain learning to read can be daunting. Sight words are common words that appear over and over again throughout school textbooks and the other reading material your child encounters. The best part is, these sight words are usually short enough that they can be easily sounded out and memorized for future use.

We have several collections of Phonics sets, but just recently acquired a new set called 'It's the Alphabet!' which has a book for each letter instead of a book for each sound a letter or group of letters can make as in other sets. Come in and check them out today!

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