Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thank You!

A big heartfelt thanks to all of you who participated in our Veteran's Day card writing activity. With your help, we collected over 130 letters for Veterans and Soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Look at how the letters stretch from the preschool boat to the poetry corner!

If you didn't make it, but still want to help, you can collect items to be sent to our soldiers overseas. They are collected in the lobby of the library all year, and include: lip balm, pocket-size Kleenex tissues, silly string, fruit roll ups, and much more. For an entire "Soldier's Wish List", stop by the collection bin on the first floor of the library and pick up a flyer.

Do you know someone who is currently serving overseas and would like a care package? You can fill out the name and address of a relative or friend in the armed services and submit it to the Des Plaines VFW through the collection box. Then, when the packages are put together and sent, one will be send in your family member or friend. Donations are also accepted at the VFW Post to pay for shipping the items to the soldiers. You can e-mail vnvetsteve@comcast.net for more information or call 847-296-9878.

Thanks again to all who participated! As someone who has had a loved one overseas during the holiday season, I know how much they appreciate all the love and support we can send. Remember to give thanks for their service every Veteran's Day and again next week on Thanksgiving.

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