Friday, November 27, 2009

The Benefits of Music

Have you ever sat in on a storytime or library visit and wondered what was going on? During a storytime, not only is the performer reading stories, but usually music and movement are involved. If you have ever been to one of our summertime 'Wild Times' programs, you will have seen how much music influences the children who attend. Music is helpful for little children especially because it helps teach syllables and aides in speech development.

There is a great article, Tuning Into the Benefits of Music Education, that explains how experiencing music with your children is not only beneficial in their musical aptitude, but also can help get children ready for reading and benefit other areas of their education.

To help with this, the 24-hour TV network, Sprout, has introduced a three-hour morning music fun program that includes the Wiggles. Now, before you roll your eyes and scream "If I have to listen to one more song about hot potatoes or fruit salad....!", think about how much those songs will help your child as they grow and go into school. A little pain on your part, a lot of gain for your children.

Remember to have fun with your kids - dance around the room... enjoy yourself!

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