Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May Activity: Spring is Here- Get Out and Dig!

Planting a garden as a family is a wonderful outdoor spring activity that will continue to bring your whole family together throughout summer. Everyone can help- from the tiny toddler, teenager and of course grandma.

Looking for a rewarding learning experience? Gardening uncovers the mystery of where food comes from and teaches that plants need food and water to grow healthy. Young children will develop responsibility and a sense of accomplishment as they see what they helped grow.

Don't know where to start? Have fun with a themed garden, such as a pizza garden with peppers, tomatoes, oregano and more to create a homemade pizza or make a sunflower tepee for a special outdoor fort for your child to discover nature. And don't forget to give your garden some personality by creating decorations such as painted rocks or home made chimes.

For fun ideas, inspiration and guidance, check out these titles:

Grow It Cook It: Simple Gardening Projects and Delicious Recipes J635 GRO
This books takes you step-by-step with detailed photos of planting your own food from seeds to enjoying home-grown delicious meals!

How Does Your Garden Grow?: Great Gardening for Green-fingered Kids by Clare Matthews J635 MAT
Over 40 step-by-step projects including a mosaic bird bath, weather monitoring station, butterfly pot garden, a grow-your-own-pasta sauce garden and building a tropical island sand pit.

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  1. This is a fantastic idea! I love the idea of a themed garden- especially the pizza one. Not only do you teach kids about growing plants, but they learn how they can turn it into a delicious meal. Plus, what kid doesn't like to play in dirt?


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