Friday, May 29, 2009

Did You Know?

While I've worked in our library for several years, I'm new to the Youth Services department. I've been exploring around, checking out what cool things we have. On my first day I learned something new about the 2nd floor. Do you know that the Youth Services floor has a river theme? From the blue squares in the carpet that lead you around, to the jumping fish on the ends of the picture book shelves, even the colorful fabric waves of blue fabric that hang above. And of course there's the wonderful fish tank! Recently, the tank was changed over to become a salt water tank. There are some pretty neat fish in there, and children of all ages love watching them. My favorites include the Blue Tang fish (more commonly recognized as Dory from Finding Nemo) and the Chocolate Chip Starfish.

The next time you're at the library why don't you pick up some water themed books? Try Gus is a Fish by Claire Babin. It's a picture book about a boy pretending to be a fish in his bathtub. Or maybe something silly like Does a Sea Cow Say Moo by Terry Webb Harshman. Another picture book, this one has some wacky fish facts in it. Flush by Carl Hiaasen is great for older readers. Noah and his sister Abbey come up with a plan to expose a casino dumping waste in protected waters off Florida. It's funny but also has a great conservation message.

Curl up with your kids by the Poet Tree, pretend you're sitting at the edge of the river bank and dive into some great stories. When it's time to go home grab Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Oceans by Kathy Ross. There are neat crafts to make, including a Clownfish Magnet. Kids can make one to look like the Clownfish they saw in our fish tank!

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