Friday, October 25, 2013

Someone New (and tacos, too)

Hi there, I’m Emme -- the latest addition to the Youth Services Department.

I’ve been working in libraries for over a decade (so long that my oldest son told his teacher I was a “longtime library ninja”). I don’t, unfortunately, have any serious karate moves -- but I still like the title. Here are a few (other) things you should know about me:

I regularly wore fairy wings as a child (I still own a pair).
I think libraries are as magical (incredible, fantastic, wondrous!) as Hogwarts.
I adore Maira Kalman.
I think Doctor Seuss is a genius.
I won a taco eating contest in college.
I never get tired of blowing bubbles.

Don’t know who Maira Kalman is? Checkout one of her awesomely illustrated books from the library. 

Craving a taco? Check out my favorite recipe for tacos al pastor in Fiesta at Rick’s

Want to see my bubble blowing in action, pick-up a ticket for the library’s Time for Twos

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  1. Welcome, Emme, I'm sure you will do fantastic work in Des Plaines. I did try for like ten minutes to think of an encouraging ninja pun, but I'm coming up blank. I'm super impressed by your taco-champ title, as most of the best days of my life have involved numerous tacos--I expect that's true for many of us. :) Good luck, they're so lucky to have you!


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