Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Travels

This summer, many of our patrons are taking vacations to many different places.  Even staff members are headed off for vacations.  Yesterday, at our program,  we sent 18 Flat Stanleys off to places around the country. 

What is a Flat Stanley, you ask?  Flat Stanley is a book by Jeff Brown.  In it, a boy (Stanley) gets smushed by a bulletin board one day, and travels to California because he is flat and can fit in an envelope!  

In the same way, our Flat Stanleys will travel in an envelope to visit with various relatives across the country.  Those relatives will take a picture of Stanley doing something fun with them and send it back here to the library.  

The pictures and a description of what each Stanley did while he visited will go up on display in the library.  Look for our Stanleys' adventures here in the library later in the summer, but in the meantime, check out the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown to read with your family.  Have older kids?  There are Flat Stanley chapter books to read as well. You can even create your own Stanley and send him for a visit with someone else.  

Remember to have fun this summer, no matter what you do.  Even if you can't travel, your Stanley can!

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