Thursday, April 25, 2013

Damaged Items at the Library

Icky Sticky Books and Scratched DVDs, Oh My!

Have you ever checked out a DVD only to bring it home and find out it is so scratched it won't play?  Every started to read a picture book to your family only to get to the last page and see that half of it has been torn off or scribbled on with crayon?

As materials are returned, we can't always see if something is scratched, scribbled on, or torn.  That is why we count on you to tell us when something is wrong.  There are several ways you can help us keep the collections great.  After all, the library's collection belongs to everyone.

One way is by filling out a 'damaged slip' in our CDs and DVDs when you come across a scratched item.  If you bring something home and it doesn't work, we want you to tell us.  Otherwise, it will go back on the shelf and someone else will end up taking it home and being frustrated.  Taped inside of each CD or DVD case you will find a 'damaged slip' with space to let us know if you come across something that doesn't work.  If we know it is damaged, we can either try to repair or replace it.

Another way you can help is by bringing a damaged material to the desk.  This most often would happen with a book or magazine.  If you come across a book that has been scribbled in or torn, instead of just putting it in the drop bins in the parking garage or sticking it in the slots in the library, let a library staff member know.  If we know a book is damaged, we can either try to repair or replace it.

If you bring something in that is damaged, we can even put the item on hold for you so that you can either get another copy, or a new copy when it arrives.  We won't automatically think you ruined our book and charge you for it, we appreciate your efforts in helping to keep our collection clean for everyone. 

We try our best to keep the collection neat, but sometimes things slip by us.  We are counting on you to help let us know when there is something that needs our attention.  We know it is frustrating to bring something home that is damaged and not be able to use what you check out.  Thanks for all of your help!

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