Friday, November 30, 2012

Take Your Child to....

There are many 'take your child to' days throughout the year such as the most famous of them all, Take Your Child to Work Day.  Saturday, December 1st is national Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day.  While the perception of libraries and bookstores is that we are in constant competition with each other, you might be surprised to know that there is a lot of collaboration between us.  As a library, we are excited and encouraged by the amount of literacy initiatives being brought forth by both local and big chain bookstores.  

On weekdays and nights, you can catch a storytime here at the library, but perhaps on a weekend you can head to your local bookstore to listen to the 'story lady' read as well.  Any and all actions on the part of parents to foster a love of books in their child is wonderful and highly encouraged by all of us here at the library.

Many bookstores which participate in the day are providing entertainment and activities for children.  We highly encourage you to participate in any and all of them that you can.  Then, head to calendar.dppl.org to check out the fun things going on here in the library.  Remember, almost all of the programs here in the library are free, so feel free to check them out!  While there is a specific day in the year for Take Your Child to the Library Day, we feel that every day can be celebrated with a visit to the library or the bookstore.  Share a book with your child and get them on the right path to literacy!

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