Friday, June 8, 2012

E-Readers for the Whole Family!

Is your child learning to read?  I've got great news. 

This year, the library was able to purchase several more Kindles and Nooks for the Adult Department as well as two Kindles for our Battle of the Books participants and Caudill Club readers in the Youth Department.  The Kindles in our department are preloaded with the appropriate novels for each activity (either the titles for Battle or the titles nominated for the Caudill Award) and can be checked out at the desk.

In addition we were able to purchase a few e-readers for our younger patrons, and we couldn't be more excited!  Not only do we now have two V-tech InnoTab machines, but we also have a Leapfrog LeapPad in our collection.  You will find these machines on the shelf in the Phonics Collection of our Early Readers.  Check one out for your child and watch their reading abilities grow.  Each reader checks out for 28 days and includes one book/game cartridge.

Have a LeapPad or InnoTab of your own?  We also added several book/game cartridges to our collection.  You will find the InnoTab cartridges hanging in blue bags in our Phonics Collection with our other phonics sets.  Soon, you will also find LeapPad cartridges on the shelf.  These book/game cartridges also check out for 28 days. 

Have another type of e-reader?  Don't forget that you can download lots of titles through our library's e-dppl website here.  We not only have novels for adults, but lots of chapter books for children too!

Get started working on your child's early literacy today and keep helping them with their reading skills by helping them particiapte in our Caudill Club and annual Battle of the Books.  Everything helps! 

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  1. If you are interested in getting help with library ebooks to download to your own kindle, nook or ipad look for our drop-in sessions called MyMediaMall Lab sessions. Most Thursdays at various times. Check out our events calendar.


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