Friday, March 23, 2012

Mr. Madison's War

This year is the bicentennial of Mr. Madison's War, also known as the War That Nobody Won.

You might not think you remember much about this war. After all, who would believe that the United States would invade Canada? Two hundred years ago we did just that.

Consider these events during the conflict. Our "Uncle Sam" got his name. A lawyer named Francis Scott Key wrote a little ditty called "The Star-Spangled Banner". Andrew Jackson became a hero by winning the Battle of New Orleans--two weeks after the war had ended. He is the same Andrew Jackson who became our seventh President

Perhaps by now you have used your critical thinking skills to figure out that the more common name for Mr. Madison's War is the War of 1812.

These are books to help you read more about it.

How to Draw the Life and Times of Andrew Jackson is a great biography for the artist in your family.

The Flag Maker was written by Susan Campbell Bartoletti, a fantastic nonfiction writer for children.

The singer in your house might enjoy The Star-Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key. This illustrated book includes history, lyrics and sheet music for our National Anthem.

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