Friday, December 2, 2011

Mrs. Liz's Top Picture Books of 2011 That You Needed to Read Yesterday!

Sometimes, it's the simple "out of the box" idea that captures my interest and heart. This year, I've read several books that did just that and took me on an adventure.

These titles draw the reader into the story and encourage imagination and some even have the reader interact with the book to animate the story. I'll put these gems on any gift list for young children. Let's start with my top pick!

Press Here by Tullet Herve
Who thought a simple yellow dot on the cover could take you on a interactive journey in a printed book? Children will delight in tilting the page, turning it upside down and even blowing on the page all for the magical journey of that simple dot.

Perfect Square by Michael Hall

Something perfect just doesn't last or does it? A perfect square is snipped, torn, crumpled and manipulated in various ways that lead the geometric shape into an adventure of transformation. The way this happy square embraces changes and continues to be happy is inspiring.

We Are in a Book! by Mo Williams
Elephant (named Gerald) and Piggy are best friends and have that special something that instantly bonds the reader as their best friends too! In the latest edition of their adventures, they realize that someone is watching them and not just anyone but a READER! Their adventure with this new realization of their world is full of laughter and cleverness as they have the reader enjoy reading!

I couldn't stop at three. Here's one more for those children who love scavenger hunts and puzzles:

Look! A Book! by Bob Staake
Rhyming text excitedly invites readers to seek and find objects. But there are deeper levels in this book, such as cut out circles highlighting interesting details in elaborate illustrations. And when you are finished with your first read through adventure, start again with the pull out pages which continues the fun.

How about you? Please share any books that move you!

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  1. Press Here is great for parents, too. It is very entertaining to watch your child intently tilting, shaking and blowing on the book. It's a little bit of performance art with every page turn.


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