Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2 Weeks Till Halloween!

Halloween is only two weeks away! It's exciting to think that soon kids will be getting dressed up in their costumes, going trick or treat around the neighborhood, and telling each other spooky stories.

What if your child doesn't have a costume yet? Never fear, the library is here to rescue you! We have lots of good books to get your creative juices going and help you create an amazing costume for your child.

Ecocrafts: Creative Costumes had lots of great ideas and uses materials that most likely you have around the house. For instance you can make a mermaid costume out of plastic bags! Other cool creative ideas include a knight, dragon, and pirate.

Disney's Face-Painting and Costume Book has many different costume ideas. What I loved about a lot of these costumes was that they incorporated sweatshirts and sweatpants or a long t-shirt as the base of the costume. There are many cute ideas like Tiger, Cinderella, and Captain Hook. The book also gives detailed information about how to do the face painting for each costume as well as a close up picture of the face so you can clearly see what the final image is supposed to look like.

If your child thinks they just want their face painted for Halloween we have several videos for you to check out! The series Create Faces has several titles: Animal Faces, Halloween Horror, and Halloween Classics. Some face painting examples are vampire, mummy, zombie, alien, superhero, cat, monkey, and dog.

I've got some ideas for my Halloween costume! Come in to the library today and look for these books and movies, as well as others that we have on this topic.

Ecocrafts: Creative Costumes
Disney's Face-Painting and Costume Book
Create Faces: Animal Faces
Create Faces: Halloween Classics
Create Faces: Halloween Horror

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