Friday, September 2, 2011

New Parenting Books

Cyber Safe
Protecting and empowering kids in the digital
world of texting, gaming and social media.
J Parent Collection 004.67 OKE

Confessions of a Former Bully
Nine-year-old Katie's punishment for
classmates includes making up for the hurt she
has caused, so she decides to write a book
about bullying, why it is not okay and how
to start being a better friend.

J Parent Collection 371.58 LUD

How to Maximize Your Child's Learning Ability
Offers hundreds of practical ways to influence,
encourage, your preschooler or a high school
teenager to master almost any skill. This
book will show you how.
J Parent Collection 372.133 BRA

Late, Lost and Unprepared
A Parent's guide to helping children with
learning executive functioning skills.
J Parent Collection 649.15 COO

Helping Your Child to Excel at Reading
An essential guide to help parents know more
about how to achieve real reading success.
J Parent Collection 372.4 BAT

Smart but Scattered
Learn easy-to-follow steps to identify your
child's strengths and weaknesses using
activities and techniques proven to boost
specific skills, and problems-solve daily routines.
J Parent Collection 649.1 DAW

Starting Kids Off Right
Parents will learn how to start kids off right with
healthy relationship-building skills, as well as
how to help their children become more
confident in using those skills.
J Parent Collection 649.7 NOW

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