Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August is National Inventor's Month

August is a special month for the poeple who involved in the world of inventing: It's National Inventors Month, dedicates a whole month to honor and celebrate their accomplishment. The inventors are the people who have enriched our world with their discoveries from everyday conveniences to modern miracles, and their inventions change the way people live. Inventors are innovative and entrepreneurial. Thousands of inventors have helped to shape the world into what it is today and choosing the best one is no easy task. Computers, microwaves, antibiotics, and vaccinations are routinely listed among the best inventions of all time. While their importance is indiputable, the everyday inventions that make our lives eaiser often get overlooked. As proof that great inventions do not always have to be complicated: The inventions of Kleenex, zipper, wheel, so on so forth. By the time we celebrate National Inventor's Month next year, who knows how many more amazing inventions will make life better for all of us. You could be the one of them in near future.

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