Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Looking for Something? Try a Garage Sale

Between the dismal economy and the focus on being green, Garage Sales are the perfect solution to your summer fun.  Instead of spending countless weekends driving around aimlessly, take time to visit the many garage sales in the Community Wide Garage Sale. Next weekend, Friday - Sunday (May 13 - 15), many homes in zip code 60016 will be participating in the garage sale, and for those in zip code 60018, it will be the next weekend (May 20 - 22).

Don't have a garage?  On May 14, the Mountain View Adventure Center on Algonquin Road is opening up their parking lot for one huge garage sale; spaces are $25 to rent and are the size of an actual parking space.  From 8:30am - 2:00pm, hundreds of families and visitors will be able to shop at your tables (just make sure to bring a table to put your items on).

Hopefully the weather will hold so you can get out there and have some fun walking around. Take your kids to pick out their 'new' toys and games from someone's outgrown items. Is there a child soon to be arriving? Look for those expensive baby items that might be able to be reused from someone else.

Looking for a map of the garage sales? Look no further than the City of Des Plaines webpage. The map will be up on May 12.

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