Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Friends of the Library Book Sale

It may not feel like spring, but the change of season is definitely on its way. Get a head start on some of your spring cleaning ambitions by donating your used books and other media to the Friends of the Library Book Sale, coming this April 1-3. Half the battle of cleaning house is knowing there is a place to deposit the items you discard. Most organizing experts say that it's best to start with three piles: 1) items that may be recycled, 2)items that may be for the trash, and 3) items that may be of use to others and so donated to a place that can redistribute your belongings. The Friends are happy to redistribute your items that were once loved, but are now just taking up space that could work harder for you than acting as receptacle for your read-once books and now uploaded CD's.

The Friends are a generous provider of funds that allow our Youth Services department to bring great entertainers to the library, to offer support for our programs such as Winter Reading Club and Summer Reading Club, and to assist us in providing ease of use to services like our Book Bags for Teachers.

April 1 is a members only chance to get first crack at the great deals the sale has to offer on used books and other materials. You can become a member at the door: $5 for individuals, $10 for families. The sale is open to the general public on Saturday April 2 and Sunday April 3.

See you there! I'm still enjoying the several cookbooks and exercise dvd's I picked up at last fall's event. You never know what kind of gems you might find...

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