Friday, February 18, 2011

Picking a Perfect Pet

Do you remember having a pet when you were young? Children often develop a very strong attachment to a special pet, but the adults in the household know that pets are a big responsibility. If your child manages to persuade you that a pet is a good idea for your home, it pays to do your research.

Of course, the library is the best place to begin. Animals in the House: A History of Pets and People is an interesting overview of many different kinds of pets, but we have many other books and magazines as well. I love looking at the photographs in Bird Talk, Cat Fancy, and Dog Fancy, available in the magazine collection.

A family field trip is also a great opportunity to learn about possible pets. Many area clubs for pet lovers have annual shows that you can attend. Members of these clubs are a great source of information and are very enthusiastic about their animals.

If you are considering a dog, the International Kennel Club of Chicago has their annual show February 26 & 27 at McCormick Place. This is a benched show, so the animals stay in the exhibit hall for you to look at.

If you think you are a cat person, you might prefer the Lincoln State Cat Club show, also February 26 & 27. The event will include up to 225 cats, and will be held at Harper College in Palatine.

The Greater Chicago Bird Club holds their spring show on Saturday, March 5 at the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton. The event includes adoption birds, in addition to all sorts of equipment and supplies for pet birds.

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