Friday, January 7, 2011

Got Holiday Junk?

Most people remember to recycle some of the more obvious holiday trash items... the gift boxes, wrapping paper rolls, tissue paper, and toy boxes... but there are few of us who remember that there are other items from the holidays that can be recycled as well; items such as stringed lights and evergreen trees.  To help in the reduction of our city's carbon footprint, the city has put together tree pick-up and light drop-offs to recycle the decorations.

You should have already had your tree picked up if you left it at the curb this week, and now you can do more by recycling your lights... you can look HERE for more information on the recycling program.  Make sure to take part in this recycling exercise, and don't miss out on this teaching moment and share it with your kids.   Need help explaining why recycling is important?  Stop by the library where we have plenty of materials on recycling!

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