Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Think About Someone Else

Now that this year is coming to an end... did your family do enough to help others this year?  If you are thinking 'sort of, but we probably could have done more', start the year off right and participate in the 14th annual Kohl's Step Up for Kids... You and your family can walk up the 80 floors of the Aon Center, one of Chicago's tallest buildings, and make a difference in another family's life. 

By going to their website here, you can sign up to participate and then gather pledges from family and friends to get them to their goal of $600,000.  All proceeds will benefit the Family Services department of the hospital through their K.I.D.S.S. for Kids organization.  This will provide services for children who might not otherwise afford them and provide housing for families needing to stay near their child during their stay.  You can individually participate and be a great example for your kids, or start a team and get your whole family involved!

Remember that there are plenty of volunteer opportunities throughout the community, so if this one doesn't suite you or your family's needs.... find another!

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