Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th!

It's hard to believe that the 4th of July is only a few days away! In my family, the 4th was always a big deal. Not because family gathers together or because of BBQs. Nope it was all about the fireworks. Sparklers, smoke bombs, those little snakes-classic moments of my childhood.

The library is a great place to learn about fireworks. You can check out Fourth of July Fireworks or Fireworks to learn about why fireworks are set off on the 4th and what the science is behind fireworks. I've always been interested in how they make the different colors and fireworks that explode in a different shape.

Aspiring artists can check out How to Draw Independence Day Things and learn how to draw a sky rocket, sparklers, and fireworks as well as other Independence Day related icons like Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty.

Want to learn about the disasters fireworks have caused? Look into Fireworks! Pyrotechnics on Display. This book will also talk about the different kinds and uses of fireworks as well as how they were invented.

After reading all about fireworks, do your children long to see them in person? Come out to Oakton Community College on July 4th at about 9pm! There will be a gorgeous show put on. The grounds will open at 4pm so come early and picnic or get your child's face painted. In the evening food will be available for sale. For more information about Des Plaines' 4th of July celebration plans, click here to visit the City of Des Plaines website.

Ka-BOOM! Happy 4th!

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