Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The 10th Annual Taste of Des Plaines

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Celebrate the City of Des Plaines' 175th birthday with the Taste of Des Plaines. Beginning Friday, June 4, at 6pm, you can participate in all that the city has to offer. For more information on the taste, look here.

While you are out in front of the library on Saturday or Sunday, stop in at the Youth Services area to sign up for Summer Reading Club. This year's theme is 'The Green Days of Summer'. Your child can either read 32 books with you or 16 hours by him or herself to get prizes.

Just for signing up, your child will receive a bookmark that contains seeds and can be planted in the ground. At the halfway mark, children 3 and up will receive a 100% biodegradable plastic frisbee and children younger than 3 will receive a recycling rubber duckie. At the finish, all children will receive coupons for food and fun throughout the area. Children under 3 will receive a board book for finishing and children older than 3 will receive a crankable flashlight that doesn't need batteries.

We have plenty of programs going on throughout the summer as well, so stop by the desk to get information on the programs we have when your children up for SRC!

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