Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Museum Pass Program

With the beginning of summer around the corner and kids itching for their break, but before you start getting frazzled about what to do with your kids this summer, I thought I'd review how the Museum Pass Program works. See a complete list of participating museums and what each pass is good for here.

- Each family can check out 1 pass per week, and each pass is good for a week.

- Our library is given four passes to each participating museum. As soon as one is checked out, it becomes available again in 7 days.

- Each museum's pass is good for something different. Again, you can look at the passes here.

- You have to get your passes from your 'home library'; the library to which you have a valid library card. You can look at a list of participating libraries here. Don't have a library card? Look here to find out how to get one.

- You need to bring your library card with you to the museum with your pass. To identify you, the last 7 digits of your library card number are on your pass with your name. Therefore, these passes are NOT transferable.

- Passes are taken at time of use, so you can only use it once in a loan period.

- Passes are FREE.

All summer long, these museums passes will be available, so plan ahead and be sure to take advantage of us and all that we can provide!

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