Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Illinois Book Awards

Did you know that there are book awards for the state of Illinois that kids actually get to vote on? In the state of Illinois, we have four book awards, the Monarch for grades K-3, the Bluestem for grades 3 - 5, the Caudill for grades 4 - 8, and the Abraham Lincoln for High School literature. Most kids vote for their favorite of the 20-25 books nominated through school, but you can always stop by the library to check them out. To be eligible to vote, all you have to do is read three of the nominated titles.

You can help your child get excited about these awards and get excited about reading. As you read books with your kids and talk about books with your kids, encourage them to nominate their favorites for the appropriate award. All you have to do is go online to www.ISLMA.org (the Illinois School Library Media Association web site) and click on the award in the left column of the page to get more information. You can even help your child fill out the nomination form and then wait to see if your child's book gets picked for the final list of nominations to be voted on by the children of Illinois.

Get your family excited about reading again!

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