Friday, January 29, 2010

Play Well!

While the winter season provides a time of much outdoors fun for children, the daylight hours are short and the weather at times becomes intolerable.

For those who are familiar with LEGO toys, I am sure that you will agree that filling indoor hours with some LEGO time is a good choice.

Whether you have a beginning Quatro block builder (12 months to 24 months), a Duplo builder(ages 2-7), or a LEGO brick builder (ages 6-14) they all enjoy the creativity, curiosity, imagination and thinking that takes place during their playing/building sessions.

Much information regarding the types of LEGO toys and the benefits of using them can be found on the Parents section of their website.

At the library, book covers and stories from the PICTURE BOOK or J FICTION collections can serve as the springboard to ideas for LEGO construction. Also popular in helping to form building ideas is the J SERIES called Bionicle Legends.

For those in 3rd through 8th grade there is a program being held here Saturday, March 6th called LEGOTIVITIES! Registration is done online or by calling the Youth Services Desk at 1-847-376-2839.

Play! Learn! Enjoy!

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  1. Kids playing with LEGOs...a great idea for some indoor kid fun. Playing with LEGOs with your kids...another great idea! Its hard to maintain a grown-up demeanor when you're down on the floor creating something new with those colorful little blocks. I'm always inspired by the suggestions on this blog. Thanks!


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