Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Visit to the Hospital

Whether they are meeting a new sibling, visiting a sick relative, or staying overnight for a procedure, hospitals can be a scary place for children. While we hope that our loved ones are safe from harm and won't need to visit or stay in the hospital any time soon, the best way to avoid a traumatic event for any child is to prepare them.

The article, Preparing Kids - and Yourself - for Their Hospital Visit, prepared by US News and Report helps parents understand how trips to the hospital affect kids and how to prepare them for the event. If you are looking for ways to help your children understand what goes on at the hospital, however, it might be a good idea to pick up some books about hospital visits right here in the library. The following are some great suggestions from our non-fiction and picture book collections.

Emma's Question: a young girl who goes to visit her grandma after she gets sick and is in the hospital.

A Visit to the Sesame Street Hospital: Grover hast to go into the hospital to have his tonsils taken out.

Harry Goes to the Hospital: a boy gets the stomach flu and needs to go to the hospital for tests.

Hospital: a non-fiction title that deals with fears associated with the hospital and contains practical advice about preparation for and stays at the hospital.

My Most Favorite Thing: Grandpa's dog Billy needs an operation and has to stay at the animal hospital, so his granddaughter helps him cope with his loneliness.

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