Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Parenting Books

Look for these books in our Parenting Collection.

Raising a Gifted Child
A parenting success handbook.
J Parent Collection 155.455 FER

Changing your World One Diaper at a Time
A reflective journey through your baby's first year.
J Parent Collection 248.8431 TAV

Still a Family
A guide to good parenting through divorce.
J Parent Collection 306.89 REY

Baby Sign Language Basics
Early communication for hearing babies and toddlers.
J Parent Collcetion 419.7 BRI

100 Questions &Answers about Childhood Immunizations
J Parent Collection 614.47 BEL

Unplug Your Kids
A parent's guide to raising happy, active and well-adjusted children in the digital age.
J Parent Collection 649.1 DUT

The Birth to Age Five Book
Confident childrearing right from the start.
J Parent Collection 649.1 NIX

The truth about your child's health from newborn through preschool.
J Parent Collection 649.122 ADE

Twins 101
50 must-have tips for pregnancy through early childhood from doctor M.O.M.
J Parent Collection 649.144 LE

Child's Play
Montessori games and activities for your baby and toddler.
J Parent Collection 649.5 PIT

Creative Play for your Toddler
Creative activities with expert advice and toy projects for 2 years - 4 years.
J Parent Collection 649.51 CLO

The Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant Child
Putting these methods together with no pills, no therapy and no contest of wills.
J Parent Collecton 649.64 KAZ

The Entitlement-free Child
Raising confident and responsible kids in a "me, mine, now!" culture.
J Parent Collection 649.7 DEE

Tough Conversations with Your Kids
From sex to family values tackle any topic with sensitivity and smarts.
J Parent Collection 676.78 HEY

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