Friday, June 19, 2009

Celebrating Dad

Socks. And Soap on a Rope. And Old Spice. These are the gifts that my dad graciously accepted every Christmas, Birthday and Father's Day as I was growing up. I just knew that he would love a well wrapped package of socks because often I would see his big toe peeking out of his old socks. And there was always a soap on the rope hanging in the shower (maybe because dad got a new one three times a year) so I was sure that would be a winner. And Old Spice. Who could resist those red gift boxes?

As I got older I realized that there was so much more than socks, cologne and soap to my dad. It turns out he is a gardener, a music lover, a traveler and a reader. At least once a month my dad and I have lunch together, talk about our lives, current events, whatever comes to mind. It's from these conversations that I gain inspiration for my dad's gifts nowadays. Maybe this Father's Day I'll get him a book about the gold rush in Montana, a CD of Frankie Valli songs or a planter of flowers for his patio. Or maybe, just for old times sake, I'll give him a pair of socks.

On Father's Day take a couple of minutes with your children to think about all of the roles that their father plays in their lives, then see how many of those are mentioned in 33 Uses for a Dad.

It’s always fun to spend the day with Dad. Help your children get some ideas from Little Bear in Me and My Dad and a young boy in Papa and Me as they spend some time with their fathers.

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